Three hundred years ago, a savage orc army threatened the City of Woodford, which was in Lauaria. Fortunately for the residents of Woodford, they had a powerful wizard on their side, Arthur. However, Arthur couldn’t bring himself to kill the orc army. Instead, he decided to move Woodford.

Now, the city floats as an island in the Astral Sea, with Arthur being the only thing keeping Woodford from colliding with other Astral bodies. Indeed, Arthur, despite being 300 years old and having outlived several generations of Woodford Residents, is the barrier between life and death for the citizens.

Woodford encompases a semi-walled city, which has temples to Avandra, Bahamut, Moradin, Ioun, Pelor, and Melora. It is a relatively small town, which subsides mostly on fishing out of the small river that runs through the town, off the edge of the cliff face, and then goes around the underside of the rocky semi-sphere that makes up the island, and finally back to the other side of the river. There is also a small portion of a forest where the town gets their wood supplies, and part of what was a nearby mountain range where the Woodford Crypt is located.

The townsfolk are very kind to the Dragon Guard members that pass through the town, opening an inn once every 50 years just to give them a place to rest before they pass through. Not all members of the Dragon Guard, however, pass through Woodford.


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