The Black Gate


The origins of the Black Gate are widely debated. Some cultures claim that it was created by a powerful wizards, while others claim it was a dragon that created it. Some say it was raised by evil gods and some say that it simply has always been.

Regardless of this, everyone knows that it was once open and allowed dragons from another plane free passage into the mortal world. This caused a massive war that threatened to wipe out most of the life in Lauaria.

With the help of a god, the Black Gate was closed. Unfortunately, it was not closed well enough, as it opens once every 50 years. The city-states of Lauaria each send one or more warriors who are meant to go through the portal to prevent the dragons from returning. Since this has been going on for at least a few thousand years and has thusfar been successful, the practice is continued despite the fact that no one has ever returned. The gate closes as soon as all the warriors are through, and so no knows what is on the other side. It is generally assumed that to enter the portal is to accept sure death.


The Black Gate resides in the city-state of Evothil. The most widely accepted version of history says that the city was built around the Black Gate, originally so that it could be monitored. The Gate itself is in the very center of Evothil, which is, itself, roughly in the center of Lauaria. The area around and including The Black Gate is referred to as “the pavilion.” The gate itself stands on a raised circular stone dais.

The Gate is 50 feet across and 100 feet tall. The jagged black material that makes up the gate is about 10 feet thick at the base of the portal.

The Black Gate

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