The wizard guardian of Woodford


Arthur is a nearly three century old wizard who resides in the town of Woodford. The town was once located on the continent of Lauaria, but when a horde of orcs threatened the citizens of Woodford, Arthur relocated the town to its own pocket dimension in order to avoid any bloodshed. No one from Lauaria knows what became of the town after its sudden disappearance many generations ago, but those who pass through the Black Gate sometimes come to rest there.

Arthur has made the party feel welcome in Woodford, ensuring that the townspeople will provide for them. In exchange, he seeks their help ridding the nearby crypt of skeletons and going through the portal located there. On their travels, if the party should come across a more suitable location where Arthur can permanently relocate Woodford, they can use the magical scroll he gave them to return there and tell him of this place.


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