The Dragon Guard

I Guess a Title Goes Here

Something something whatever

We stepped through the portal and arrived at the center of a crossroads. In front of us was a corpse tied by its wrists to a post, blackened by the sun and worn by the wind. The sight was made even more macabre whenever it emitted an eerie screech and extended its finger to point down one of the paths. I would describe all the buildings and whatnot in the surrounding area, but eh, fuck it. Suddenly I don’t particularly care about going into too much detail.

So then Izeya said something about a stampede coming our way and then a bunch of weird creature things showed up. I didn’t feel like dealing with it so I laid down in the ditch. It was actually a pretty comfy ditch, relatively dry and the grass was nice and soft. I thought, what a great place to take a nap. Then some asshole creature started gnawing on me. Fucker wouldn’t let me sleep. I tossed it off and went back to napping.

Then there was a battle or something but I’m tired and writing is hard.

Then Nox came over and kicked me awake. She hit me right in the ribs. Seriously, that fucking hurt. I tried to roll over and go back to sleep but she just dragged me out of the ditch by the hair.

Eventually we all headed down the road where the little beast fuckers came from and some bell rang. A weird building just kinda appeared out of fucking nowhere. Some asshole inside told us it was a tavern called The House of Black Lanterns and there was a bunch of random people inside. I offered to buy a room for Martin, Izeya and myself to share. Seems like they’re both interested in me. Especially Izeya. I am gonna have fun tonight.

The three of us sat at the lounge and chatted for a little while. At some point while waiting for a server to bring us some refreshments, someone approached me. He said his name was Oloster, a politician, and he wanted to talk to me; being the only other human in the inn, I suppose he was looking for companionship. I told him I’d come to his room later, and he told me which one he was staying in. I definitely want to check him out later.

In the mean time, I told Martin and Izeya to meet me upstairs later and decided to wander around the rest of the room. I met a very interesting woman (?) named Vashara who is one of a race called the Yuan-Ti. She wore no clothing, although this was not her most immediately obvious trait – rather, that would be the fact that she is part snake. I’d never seen such a creature, and although it was somewhat startling I couldn’t help but admire her beauty. She was also passing through and happened to come to the House. I will have to converse with her at great length at another time.

Partway through my conversation with Vashara, an elf from across the room overheard me talking about gold and offered me a deal. His name is Frudock and he likes collecting rare things; apparently he wanted to buy my Lauarian coins. So I traded all of my Lauarian money for five times its value in Gloomrot coins. They all weigh the same in gold, so I figure I made out well in this trade.

After exchanging currency with Frudock and finishing my conversation with Vashara, I went upstairs to talk to Olostar. He told me some very interesting things about his work, and I might be able to help him out in the future.



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